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by Elizabeth Green on Jun 15, 2013

Becoming a parent can be a bit scary. Babies are so little and they appear so breakable. But if you are privileged enough to be blessed to be a dad, be involved and be the best dad you can be.

Be a teacher. I like to encourage new dads to read to their children, be the one to teach your children the love of reading. Whenever I give a baby gift to welcome a new arrival, I include a copy of Jim Trelease's book, The Read Aloud Handbook. Mr. Trelease doesn't write about how to be a father but he tells the story of how important it is to read to our children and he includes a wonderful reading list for all ages. Reading to children is bonding time and more. If you read The Notebook, you may remember that Noah read to his father every night to correct a stutter that he had as a child. Over the years it became a habit that they read classic pieces of literature out loud with each other. Although the act of reading to your child may seem small, it is the love exchanged that matters.

Be a listener. Dads can be great listeners but sometimes they are too busy to listen. Commit to having time to listen to your children. Sure they ask a million questions but some of them are quite funny, be entertained. My father has told me many times that I said the funniest things. I would sing to him and ask him to play the little piggies on my toes over and over again by saying "do 'gain Daddy, do 'gain." These precious moments will bless you.

Be a provider. Traditionally, many Dads think this is their primary responsibility but this isn't just about a home and all that money can buy. Be a provider of a sense of security and value, self-respect and confidence, encouragement and faith. How you treat adults and children can make a big impact on how they see themselves. Make sure your child knows that you love them. Be a refuge whether they are being bullied on the playground, failing algebra, or they just had a bad day. Also, remember to praise them. Many adults say they just wanted their parents to be proud of them and never felt like they achieved that goal.

Be an example. How you treat your children and others will develop a standard that they will want or accept from others, what they will desire from a husband or what they will give to a wife. If you make mistakes, own up to them then your children will know not to make the same mistakes. When they know you aren't perfect, this takes the pressure off them when they make mistakes.

As time goes on and your child grows up, the lessons you share and the memories that you build will be remembered much more often than a single Sunday in June. Be a part of their early days and they will be a part of your later days! And I trust you will enjoy many special days in between!

Happy Father's Day!


Bio: Elizabeth Green utilizes her communications and business degrees from the University of Alabama to blog as part of the Premiere Agency Network Digital Marketing Team. Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.


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