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by Elizabeth Green on Jul 16, 2013

Looking for some summer fun within driving distance to share with your family or friends? The South is filled with history and beauty, so why not explore it this summer?

1) The Biltmore House, Asheville, NC: Seen in the movie Richie Rich, this is a beautiful property with extravagant rooms and gardens. The home even has an indoor pool and a bowling alley. The tour is always changing, never including all of the 250 rooms.

2) The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA: The World’s largest aquarium opened to the public since 2005. Or try the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN; it's the World’s largest freshwater aquarium.

3) Mammoth Cave National Park, Mammoth Cave, KY: If you think stalactites and stalagmites are cool, check out this natural wonder.

4) Mount Mitchell, Mount Mitchell State Park, NC: Located in the Black Mountains, this is the highest peak in the eastern United States.

5) The Gulf Coast: Every Southerner is familiar with the white sandy beaches of our Gulf Coast. Its water is warmer than the Atlantic and its beaches' soft white sand will squish between your toes. Florida, Alabama or won't be disappointed.

A few ideas to keep the kiddos entertained during long stretches of travel time include:

1) Card games are great to keep the kids entertained. If you only have one child or only one likes games, digital games or apps on iPads are an option. (Warning: Not recommended if your child gets car sick easily.)

2) My favorite game is the engaging "Road Sign Alphabet" game. Start with “A” and find a word that begins with each letter in alphabetical order. Each person works independently to see who finishes first. Good competitive fun, it works best with a stretch of road with lots of billboards and signage.

3) With the revival of the VW Bug, the good ole “Punch bug” game is popular again. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have fun with this one.

4) Last resort, I recommend television or DVD movies. Review the movie options beforehand or you may have to listen to 90 minutes of a movie that is not on your hit list. Good idea: Invest in headphones so you can have 90 minutes of YOUR music on the radio. In all honesty, my dad learned all the Disney hits from videos on road trips.

Safe travels!

Bio: Elizabeth Green utilizes her communications and business degrees from the University of Alabama to blog as part of the Premiere Agency Network Digital Marketing Team. Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.


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