by Elizabeth Green on Aug 09, 2013

Have you ever wondered if there are particular cars that are stolen more often than others? According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most stolen vehicles in the nation in 2011 were:

  1. 1994 Honda Accord
  2. 1998 Honda Civic
  3. 2006 Ford Pickup (Full Size)    
  4. 1991 Toyota Camry
  5. 2000 Dodge Caravan
  6. 1994 Acura Integra
  7. 1999 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
  8. 2004 Dodge Pickup (Full Size)
  9. 2002 Ford Explorer
  10. 1994 Nissan Sentra

Car thieves are targeting the easier to steal older models because car manufacturers are improving security features in newer models.

Certain cities have a higher likelihood of your car being stolen. According to, 8 of the top 10 cities for car theft are in California. Other metropolitan areas on the NICB Hot List are Detroit at number 15, Los Angeles at number 24, Denver at number 59 and Dallas at number 69. Surprisingly, New York City is number 220 and Boston is number 232.  

According to NBC San Diego, car thieves look for certain items when breaking into vehicles. The most popular items that thieves look to steal are:

  1. GPS
  2. IPods and MP3 Players   
  3. Purses   
  4. Wallets   
  5. Cameras   
  6. Cell phones   
  7. Expensive sunglasses   
  8. Tools   
  9. CDs  
  10. Laptops

To improve the security of your car, check for the following when parking your car:

  • Items left visible to outsiders - hide them
  • Lighted parking lots - park there
  • Security cameras - look for them

Always keep your doors locked and stay safe.

For more information about protecting yourself from auto theft, visit the NICB’s website at

Bio: Elizabeth Green utilizes her communications and business degrees from the University of Alabama to blog as part of the Premiere Agency Network Digital Marketing Team. Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.


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