September is National Baby Safety Month

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by Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network on Sep 06, 2013

September is National Baby Safety Month but honestly, if you have a child or grandchild, you know that safety is a constant focus. Accidents will happen, we all know that. But many of the accidents involving babies can be prevented, just ask the local emergency room or pediatricians.

Here is a list of Common Accidents:

  • Burns...This is the most common injury and bathwater can be a major cause; also sunburns, hot liquids and touching hot items such as stoves or curling irons. Always test hot liquids including bottles, food and bathwater and be sensitive to cords that lead to hot objects.
  • Falls...Falling off, falling out, falling over, falling on, you name it and kids are going to fall. Be sensitive to where you leave them and if left, check for straps to keep them there such as highchairs and swings. Check for throw rugs that can entangle them and check for sharp corners on furniture they can fall against.
  • Choking...From food and liquids to small objects such as buttons and coins, choking is quite common. Eating and drinking are best done sitting, not walking.
  • Drowning...Sadly this seems to occur all too often and when someone only left them for a minute. Pools are certainly an attraction but even if you don't have a pool that doesn't mean your toddler is safe... You would be surprised how many drownings occur in toilets and bathtubs. A baby can drown in an inch of water.
  • Poisoning...You might be surprised that household items we consider safe can be poisonous: plants, shampoos, art supplies but also common detergents and cleaning products and, of course, lead based paint.
  • Eye injuries...Outdoors, wind can contribute to dust getting into the eyes of unsuspecting toddlers; indoors, household products and falls seem to contribute often to eye injuries.
  • Smashes...Car doors, closets and drawers, how is it those little hands are so often in the wrong place?

Cribs are where they spend the most time. As many features that crib manufacturers incorporate for safety, cribs can't be foolproof to the toddler that scales the rails or even the items left in the crib such as blankets and toys that are often associated with suffocation and choking.

Car seats contribute to high vulnerability simply by being in a moving vehicle. Interestingly, 73% of car seats are not used or installed properly. Read the instructions and always make sure whoever moves the car seat from one vehicle to another is cautious and confirms its installation before putting the child in the car.

Childproofing is important to baby safety but here are some other tips:

  • Post the Poison Control Center phone number on your refrigerator and store it in your cell phone. It is 1-800-222-1222.
  • Supervise.
  • ALL caregivers should learn CPR
  • Supervise, Supervise.
  • Secure items that can be pulled over like your flat screen TV.
  • Supervise, Supervise, Supervise.
  • Toilet lids are always down and bathroom doors are always shut
  • Supervise, Supervise.
  • Use approved Safety Gates
  • S U P E R V I S E. 

Bio: Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network Digital Marketing Team.  With a marketing focus from market access and account placement to digital marketing, Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.


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