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by Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network on Nov 15, 2013

With cold weather already here only to be followed by the real winter months, we have one new WARNING and several reminders for your Road Safety:


Most carseat manufacturers' manuals warn that coats are not safe in carseats. To understand why, buckle up your child wearing his coat with the straps where you think they should be; now, remove the child and the coat and return the child to the carseat. You will note a significant amount of space. In an accident the body compresses the coat and police have reported accidents when the coat remained while the child was ejected from the carseat. Please help us all protect our most precious cargo. NO COATS IN CARSEATS!



Check your tire pressure regularly. Tire pressure changes with the changing temperatures. Proper inflation along with good tread is key to good traction so check your tire pressure regularly.

Winterize vehicle safety essentials such as windshield wipers, headlights, brakes, and heater/ defroster.

Winter windshield tips: Pour COLD water, not hot/warm water on your windshield. Cold tap water works as well as warm water with less thermal shock to your windshield. Use plastic scrapers and a soft bristle brush, not metal scrapers or keys to clean the windshield of ice/ snow. Use your vehicle’s defrost to help melt the ice and frost. 

Be alert! As daylight savings time changed last week, our home commutes are in the dark. It's time to be extra cautious--watch for pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles. Driving conditions are not the best so reduce your speed and turn off your cruise control. Give yourself extra time to react. Eliminate distractions; make a rule for NO TEXTING. Quick braking under late Fall and Winter conditions can lead to skidding.

Be prepared. Unfortunately, we usually learn this lesson through personal experience! It is a good idea to have an emergency kit in trunk of your car with jumper cables, flares, reflector markers and a flashlight with strong batteries and bulb and even extra batteries. If you travel longer distances or travel on remote roads, you may also want to include water, food and a blanket. You can purchase pre-assembled emergency roadside kits or build your own.

The winter months often bring greater challenges to travel safety. Preparedness and common sense are key to your safety. Last tip is one that I think makes lots of sense: Have a reflector vest in your trunk to make it easier for other drivers to see you.

Bio: Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network Team. With a marketing focus from market access and account placement to digital marketing, Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.

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