Happy New Year! Tips for 2014 Savings

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by Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network on Jan 02, 2014

Each new day is an opportunity but nothing seems to say it like New Year’s Day! Our resolutions are not often achieved but real change and progress isn’t impossible. Here are a few helpful ideas from our perspective to help improve your insurance premiums:


Weight loss: We love our food and many of our health issues are related to our weight. Weight is an important factor when you purchase life insurance; more importantly, weight affects the longevity of your life and your ability to care for your family. It’s easier to work for our goals when we know what we will truly gain.

Auto safety: We are familiar with speeding and driving under the influence but distracted driving is an increasing factor in auto accidents. Defensive driving requires that we are alert to the road and other drivers yet more and more drivers are admitting to contributing to the most common distractions, using our cell phones while driving.

  • If you text or read texts/ emails while driving; STOP. It can wait! 
  • If you talk on your cell phone while driving; STOP. It can wait! 
  • If you survey the internet while driving; STOP. It can wait!

According to Texting and Driving Safety.com, text messaging makes a crash 23x more likely and simply talking on the phone makes it 1.3x more likely. Put down that cell phone and keep an eye out for those who don’t.

Fire prevention: 75% of all US homes have at least one smoke alarm but one-fourth of all smoke alarm failure is due to dead batteries. Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, on every level of your home and outside every separate sleeping area. If you have smoke alarms, have you changed the batteries in the past six months? If not, now’s a good time!

Your Credit Score

Your Credit Card Debt: Lowering your credit card debt will save you money on interest and lower your insurance premiums. Your Credit Score is among the various factors that Insurance companies use in determining your risk and your insurance rate. Drivers with excessive debt tend to have more accidents and make more claims.

On Time and In Full: Pay your bills on time to build a responsible credit record. To make real progress, get in the habit of paying cash. Beware of debt “forgiveness” plans which have a negative effect on your credit score just as a charge-off does. 

Review your credit report: Annually review your credit report to check for errors. This will also give you a sense of the progress you are making in improving your credit score.


Together, Everybody Accomplishes More: Have confidence in your decisions; work with trusted partners who will ask important questions, share information, and help you make good choices.

  • Combine your homeowners/ renters and auto policies with one Carrier for a credit on both.
  • Increase your protection from lawsuits with a personal umbrella policy.
  • Review the benefit of increasing your deductibles.

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Bio: Janna Green, Premiere Agency Network Team. With a marketing focus from market access and account placement to digital marketing, Premiere is a Network of Independent Insurance Agencies in the Southeast U.S.


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